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Tiny Dancers

This magical class is an introduction to dance.

Children learn basic ballet steps and have fun twirling, skipping, pointing toes and dancing with scarves. This class is a combination of dance, songs, and storytelling.

Musical Theatre

This class is an introduction to musical theatre and dance. This class will include drama exercises and dance technique. Musical Theatre is excellent for building confidence.


Ballet is an elegant and artistic dance using ballet technique and is characterized by light graceful fluid movements. A foundation for all forms of dance. 

Ballet Lyrical

Ballet lyrical is a blend of ballet technique and fluid lyrical movements. A great introduction to learning ballet technique.

Contemporary Ballet

Contemporary ballet is a blend of elegant ballet movements and artistic, fluid contemporary movements.


Jazz has fast energetic movements with leaps, turns, working on strong flexibility using a variety of jazz, pop and rock music.

Street Dance

Our Street Dance classes are a mix of Hip hop and breakdance for all boys. If you love to be funky and want to learn awesome moves, come dance with Cory who is fantastic!

Jazz Funk

This funky contemporary jazz style of dance incorporates classic jazz movements with funky hiphop-inspired moves, along with theatrics and a little bit of sass.


Acting Theatre Co. is an acting class that will incorporate drama exercises, acting games, learning skits and have the opportunity to be a part of a performing troupe. 


This class is a combination of jazz and lyrical dance with gymnastics.

Hip Hop

This funky class uses hip hop and pop music. Dancers will learn to exercise body control, movement, flexibility and rhythm with a fabulous and fun flair.


An expressive form of dance performed to music that evokes emotion and inspires expression.

Contemporary Modern

This is an expressive dance that combines jazz, lyrical and ballet. This class allows for experimentation and collaboration with new choreographic possibilities.

Contemporary Lyrical

A blend of ballet and contemporary style of dance that combines ballet technique and experimental movements, giving a very elegant and expressive experience.


Tap is an exciting style that creates sounds, rhythm and syncopation with your feet to upbeat and fun music.

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